Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense is permanent insurance , it has a lower coverage amount usually between $ 5,000 up to $ 35,000 and is for ages 50 to 85 with some exceptions depending on the carrier. This coverage is meant to cover your funeral and other expenses after you die.These policies have a fixed affordable premium which works well for seniors and others who have no life insurance.

Planning ahead and having your Final Expense insurance will give you the peace of mind knowing your beneficiary will receive a check to pay the expenses , not just get a bill.

The average cost of a funeral is $ 10,000 and can be higher depending on type of casket and if a cemetery plot must be purchased it will add $ 1,000 or more. All of which need to be handled in a short time frame when you pass. It is unfortunate but true , many people can’t afford to pay for funeral expenses.

What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose ,
for all that we love deeply …becomes part of us ” Helen Keller